The Seville Bag By Lo & Sons

The Seville Tote by Lo and Sons

I was always in love with classic big black tote bags where you can carry everything you want around with you – from your electronic devices, make-up and keys to umbrellas, sweater, laptops and even spare shoes!

The Seville bag by Lo & Sons was definitely the perfect bag for all of that and even more. Unlike the standard totes The Seville has a lot of pockets and sections inside – so you won’t be looking for your stuff for hours. It has a spare wallet, phone and even laptop section. What made me really surprised is that this bag has different shells, so you don’t have to take everything out when you want to change the color of your tote, just take the inner bag and place it in the new one. It even has a shell for traveling which you can fix on the suitcase!

They have two really good videos explaining how the shells and show just how much you can actually fit in the bag! You can find them here.

The Seville bag is perfect for fashionable classy girls who love to travel a lot! It has a very smooth sleek design without any big labels or shiny details. I really love carrying it around wearing a long tan coat and black jeans.

Thank you, Lo & Sons for creating such an amazing bag and partnering with me on this post!





  1. Annemarie

    Very nice!! ?

  2. Wesley Smits

    You look really great in the pictures and I love this bag on you!

  3. A great tote must be good looking and functional,it looks like you’ve found both. Great photos great blog thanks

  4. Arsii

    Nice long coat 🙂

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