Paris Trip with Hilton Paris Opera

Paris Trip with Hilton Paris Opera

The second hotel which we stayed in was the beautiful Hilton Paris Opera Hotel. The interior was just gorgeous – so chic, classy and rich. The room looked amazing with the small hallway, marble bathroom and the amazing view! I fell in love with the decoration and furniture. The bed looked like it was for a princess and the wardrobe was just so spacious and had everything you need including an ironing board, night creams and travel sets. The workplace was amazing, I loved spending time blogging with my laptop there.

The team and service at Hilton Hotel was great as well! They really made me feel like a princess. After we checked in they brought us a cute travel sized sleeping mist which I always use before bed. They also arranged a cute welcoming card and a bottle of wine. Before we checked in I found a souvenir bag full of cute things in our room! It was so cute!

Our trip was short but was the absolute best, worth every minute we spent there!

Hope to be back again soon!

Je T’aime Hilton Paris Opera




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