About me

 My name is Maria. I am 25 years old and I live in a beautiful country, the Netherlands.

Since I was small I loved fashion, art and design. I was drawing and inventing new clothes articles all the time! So in 2013 I created Classy Blog –  a page which contained everything inspirational for me at the moment – last fashion trends, beautiful design finds and makeup. In only one year it reached over 40000 followers! And I also became a heartist 2015-2016. 

Later I created my second blog – Classy Diary. There I posted inspirational black and white photos of celebrities and Victoria’s Secret Angels.

In 2015  I’ve decided to become more serious with blogging. I also started to be interested in photography and taking beautiful pictures myself rather than collecting them. So I’ve created The Beauty Issue – a blog where I am writing about the latest fashion trends in fashion and beauty, lifestyle and traveling tips.  I love writing posts, taking pictures and travel around the world. Hope you will enjoy spending time on The Beauty Issue!

With Love, Maria X